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Join campus sports!

Work is nowadays mostly sitting at your desk in front of a computer screen. More than ever working persons need physical exercise to stay healthy. A sound mind in a sound body, Juvenalis noticed that already some time ago.

Campus Sports, a club with about 1200 enthusiastic members, offers the opportunity to get a bit of exercise together with your colleagues. In this document, you will find a list of sporting activities that you can practice on or around the Campus premises. Not only the sportive achievements count; relaxation and meeting your colleagues in other circumstances than at work is equally important.

How to become a member of Campus Sports?

The basic contribution is € 5.00 a year (this amount will be debited round July). An additional amount could be charged depending on the section(s) you join. To become a member you must fill in the electronic subscription form which can be found here. (Note: this form in only accessible from within the High Tech Campus!)

How to change or end your subscription
To change (add/remove a section) or end your Campus Sports subscription just send an e-mail to:
In this E-mail please specify what section(s) you want to add or remove and always mention your name and bank- or giro account number.